Top Examples of Emerging Technologies Revolutionizing the Media Industry

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One of the industries obtained massive transformation because of the emerging technology is the media industry. It has helped people in different ways to fulfill their needs. Even though television is not dead, the way we consume and distribute the data is changing rapidly. Along with this, the ways you create videos and spread news on several platforms are also transformed. In the below section, we have mentioned specific significant examples of the emerging technologies, which changing the media industry hugely.

  • Social outreach apps

Content creators can be able to go beyond the usual aspects of popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to obtain consumer perspectives. Actually, social outreach applications bring the new and fresh take on the way the media industry engages with its targeted audience. The question and answer session let anyone offer video answers to the questions that enable journalists to obtain authentic video interviews from many people without physical presence.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is not a strange thing for the people who are living in the modern era. It is because IoT has turning our home into a smart destination with the voice-supported technology. According to the recent updates, there will be over 64billion IoT devices installed worldwide by the year 2026. Additionally, they also predict the consumers spending nearly trillions on IoT devices, supporting systems, and solutions. It also renders many chances of increased productivity and minimized operating costs

  • Wearable journalism

Wearable journalism is transforming the way in which consumers access the content. Currently, the Apple watch conveys the latest news to the users, just like telling the time. For quick updates, wearable journalism is the best idea because it shows the short of the full story instead of making the consumers wait for a long time. Right from contact lenses to clothes, this technology presents the way to deliver the content in the trimmed way.

  • Online gambling

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