Know Favourite Sports Highly Loved By People

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Sports play a vital role in everyone’s life at the present time. It is suitable for all age group people. Every part of the world follows sports passionately today. In this article, some of the sports that we emotionally attached like


It is the most popular game that acquires a huge number of fans. The game is played by two teams that comprise of eleven players with a spherical ball.  It is regarded as the most popular sport across the world. The game is started on the rectangular field at each end with a goal. The main aim of players is to score by utilizing any part of the body to access football to the goal. The big competition is involved in this sport. It is a famous sport in the richest countries like France, the US, Germany, Denmark, and others.


It is another popular sport right now that keeps up a massive number of fans across different countries like India, Pakistan, the UK, Australia, Asia and a lot more. It comes up with different formats like ODI, T20, and test. The two teams of eleven players are played in the field at the center. Teams are attempting to score runs. Each turn is considered as innings. Over the past few decades, the popularity of cricket is developed at a fast pace. 


It is known for the family of sports played by two teams. The teams are willing to maneuver the ball to the opponent’s goal with the help of the hockey stick. It is played in different areas like ice hockey or field hockey. Field hockey is very popular among sports lovers in India and Pakistan. Ice hockey is played in different countries like Latvia, Sweden, and others.

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